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Okay with sergeant Forge his Pen0r is fairly thick and of medium length so you could say his pen0r is short and stubby but it only appears short because his pen0r is very thick. The first thing I like to do with Forge is rub his hands with lube (I use graphite powder) then I like to bend over with my anus in the air and my hands opening my anus cheeks, then Forge stands about one hundred metres away from my anus and has a one hundred metre run up with, both his fists in the air then once he reaches me his fists are inserted into my anus with such a great force his arms are usually inside my anus. Once his hands are inside my anus I make him wiggles his arms and fingers in my anus attempting to get out of my anus for about one hour. After an hour my anus is usually bleeding heaps and Forge can easily slip his arms out of my anus. Then what we do is put Forges Pen0r inside my anus just to cover it up with blood because blood is a great lubricant (sometimes my anus is so stretched out that forge can even put his whole head in my anus). Then I open up my Pen0r hole using my fingers while Forge inserts his Pen0r into my Pen0r hole. Forge f0cks my Pen0r for about 20 minutes then he comes inside my pen0r, when he comes I can feel my balls increase in size. When Forge takes his Pen0r out of my Pen0r it looks really cool because there’s blood squirting all over the place out of my pen0r. While all the blood and come is still wet on Forges pen0r I quickly put his pen0r inside my mouth and suck his pen0r clean. am soooo pro at halowars, play with me. I show you strats you have never seen before. Stuff that will last, I don't just go all out with a rush and finish fast leaving people feeling unsatisfied. I got real game and I when I come with you to battle, I come with my mac blast, and it doesn't take 3 minutes to recharge either. After I finish up with you, I will then drop my cryo bomb in your base because that the way I am. I don't use shield gens either because who needs protection? So much more enjoyable when you go into some's and theres nothing in the way. I will even teach you about the back door, nailing someone there is the best. If you want to just hit me up, I offer free help but a little tip never hurts.

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