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"And when this place is name shall be remembered by the intruders."

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(FF) Debtors Prison (Chap. 7 Up)  Hey Guys, this is Debtor's Prison, sequel to Gambling on a Tightrope, enjoy! Prologue: “I’m impressed,” Fleet Commander Burton shook Denan’s hand. “You took down the man we’ve been trying to track down for year 
Death Comes Swiftly (fan-fic)...sorta  hey guys, and you know who you are, here is my romance themed novel...and i may have to go back over this later and make changes... Prolouge Dr. Monroe and Major Andrewson trudged down the hallway to the maximum security wing of the USS. Olympus. The 
FF: Hunted  Prologue Ramboon, Kenya Day 1, 1100 hours “Incoming!” came the yell from a Marine. The plasma mortar from a Wraith detonated, destroying a building and killing both Marines inside. In reply a missile roared out from a defensive position upon 
First Blood  *note: tried to indent right and all that stuff, but it kept posting it so I gave up on that sorry. First Blood ChucklesSpartan l Chapter 1 "You were different." The words split through Greg's mind, he turned slightly, in his bed, mumbling 

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