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  •  12-15-2010, 12:16 AM

    Re: The End.


    This site was fun, I enjoyed being on here since May '09. Developed some good relationships with a lot of interesting people.


    Ya me too like On Insinct my best friend, spro slayer not a deusch, o exlax o doesn't suck his dads d i c k, a player not a fat canadian who sniffs his moms panties, Kangaroo Love a slant eyed white man who got butt f u c k e d by tweak in prison, klunk the best dodger in the game, Prince the smallest chin alive, Spro Mitches videos were not gloating just helpful, studmuffin, Obama, BH Phenomenon, BH Yezmar, Mist3r oeo, and all the other people who havn't rage quit out on multiple games, Toksick mr not negative, smile4youtube the greatest rapper on halo wars with a ts under 25, Sayhitoobooya never had a link posted on him, cozy, mike beaston, tohie the only people I met on here who realized its just a game and its only for fun, Dixinormis and Jonshoen no need to fix your strats your number 1 in the world, aint nobody got s h i t on you and your points, JP Bison your the best 2s player, Chainsofanarchy you and planswalker should be used car salesman, your both f u c k i n g terrible but managed to bs your way into the high level community and your both f a g s who I would love to meet and beat the piss out of, Zdomeddizz is legit number 1 because he asked me 10 times and I told him, "for sure ts doesnt lie, and EMEROLDtriange the most liked person on this community who lied, lied, lied, lied, and they believed.   


    I love playing with mini toys.
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