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    Re: Best players list v3.

    UnboundT rex:

    UnboundT rex:Now that I actually read the thread. Instinct you honestly have no place to say anything. People who have played with Oopth, Leon, and Crusader frequently are the only ones that have a good opinion of their skill. I haven't played with Crusader, but Oopth is for sure one of the best covie and he's an amazing UNSC. He's one of the best all around players in the game. Leon is one of the best UNSC's around, specifically Anders. Just because we're saying Leon's Anders is possibly better then yours Instinct doesn't mean you have to trash talk him. The three you're calling bad don't go out of their way to insult other people, yet you do to them. You act as if you're one of the best in the game, but you're not sorry bud.

    I'm not calling them bad...

    Not being top 10 doesn't mean they suck at the game fool.

    You were calling them bad. With the lack of competition these days, calling Oopth who is at least a top 10 Arbiter below that, is calling him bad. And none of us suck at the game r-tard, we are all proficient at it. That's why we're the high level community. Get trolled ;).

    Which Arbiter(s) on that list is he better than?

    Please try and put forward a mature argument for once, rather than acting like a child and running to Toxic saying "Instinct couldn't troll me!" like you did before lol.

    Did I? I wasn't aware of this lol. And you not trolling me isn't a huge win, as the majority of your "trolling" is you being completely serious about an argument, and all responses to how you're wrong, you reply with "I was trolling you." And he's better then the majority of that list, not going to lie.

    Yugioh tier list
    Tier 1- Chains, Oopth, Klunk, Sparta, Mike
    Tier 2- Ronin, Cross
    Tier 3- bry103
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