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    wasn't halo related 

    one time was arguing over the definition of genocide, you said genocide only counts when it has been completed which has only happened once (cat killed off a species of birds on an island), you copy and pasted the definition of genocide and proved yourself wrong in the process, you looked like a dumbass, I could try to find the thread if you like but it may have been locked

    yes you have responded to me on more than one occasion, I can't help it if you can't remember

    the other time was math related, you said I wasn't a top player when the entire halo wars population was taken into consideration, I proved you wrong using math 

    I remember the genocide thread. However I did not contribute to the meaning of genocide, I merely posted the example of Mr. Tibbles (the cat) wiping out a species in Tasmania(?).

    I don't remember the other thread. If I said you were not a top player, I apologise. I was probably just trying to get you angry for some lulz.

    you were contending that it is not genocide unless the species (or race) is wiped out, it was an active debate, you then provided us with a definition that proved yourself to be wrong, I laughed my ass off, Ronin might remember the thread as well  

    I don't remember the location of the car, was named Mr. Tibbles but it was on an island that some guy ran a lighthouse on, the species was some kind of flightless bird 

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