Re: Goodbye Slayer.

  •  12-12-2010, 3:22 PM

    Re: Goodbye Slayer.

    MiTcH RuNz 330:

    I like the 3 links on me..1 with Murph20, one double brute cutter, one triple forge lolz.

    Also no shout out to me, Billy, and Llama for discovering you?  haha 

      are you mad at me =( lol   low came in my party after the game

    Lol no Low just says "Im going to tell Booyah off for you Mitch" <Low left your party>.  Then he rejoins and goes "Don't worry Mitch, Booyah got an earfull from me, you wont have to worry about him canny glitch you anymore".  I was like wow what did you say...he didn't give me any details, but he was just in the party during the game, and we felt like we were coming back, I felt like I had more tanks, Llama was building vamps and brutes, then BAM base is dead in 7 seconds flat.  I yelled very loud and ranted about how I would have never done that to anyone I know and play with because it is cheap as hell.  It just seemed kind of desperate, but I controlled myself, didn't send you the message I had typed out in response to your GG, then Low joined your party and said lord knows what lol.

    Anyway, Im not mad, I don't remain mad at people over pointless stuff like that.  It's all good <3. 

    GT-sPro MiTcH

    Top 50 1v1 and 3v3, what is going on??
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