Re: Best players list v3.

  •  12-12-2010, 2:09 PM

    Re: Best players list v3.


    Doesn't mean you should be up there...

    Who cares anyways? 

    Doesn't mean I shouldn't be up there..

    I don't care much, Instinct is a biased person making a biased list. I'm just pointing out I should be on there considering some of the people that got up there.

    Leon Redfield should be up their for anders as well.

    Oopth should be there also, legit 47 ts that plays with anyone. Sounds pro to me.For arbiter.

    for starters Oopths 47 isnt legit, he even told me loves to play with TS 0's. Not even he claims its legit, but I agree he should be a top 10 arby. And lol @tweek being a top 10 forge and #1 arby, its just plain wrong.
    Klunks ego is equal to his skill, his memory is impressive, and his records are true.

    Your favourite convict is back where he belongs =D
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