Re: Goodbye Slayer.

  •  12-12-2010, 4:59 AM

    Re: Goodbye Slayer.

    l Slayer l:

    l Slayer l:
    Tohie:GG's slayer, you have an excellent forge/brute/arby well any leader lol. Bye.
    my arbiter is garbage lol. the other link vs you didnt appear.

    Lol well you've got a good covie anyway.

    I only played prophet before the nerf...whitch happaned to be about 700 games.

    @klunk, I'll play maybe 1-2 games here and there, but they will most likely be super turtles.

    Ill be watching for a jap sounding anonmous account plundering 1v1 as chieftan (=
    Klunks ego is equal to his skill, his memory is impressive, and his records are true.

    Your favourite convict is back where he belongs =D
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