Re: Mighty Icy Legit 50 TS in 1v1!!!!

  •  12-10-2010, 9:44 PM

    Re: Mighty Icy Legit 50 TS in 1v1!!!!


    Im defending myself from acusations that I helped boost him -_-

    I seriously dont see why anyone would believe you with no links, no proof of my quotes from when I have apparently instant resigned to him from "last time". And me and mighty icy with no record of EVER boosting. I think you would have to be trolling to keep saying that I have because your not this stupid.

    EDIT: the game mighty icy got his 50 from, BEFORE the games I played him.

    So space fire was the one that boosted him?

    Lol, no. Space fire just lost

    GT: EverCuteKitty
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