Why I quit 307 Stonybrook RCACS

  •  12-09-2010, 11:13 PM

    Why I quit 307 Stonybrook RCACS

    Used to be in 307 Stonybrook [Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada] RCACS. Had to quit because the Lieutenant was a biased [sexist] machocist bastard. It's just... treat my friends like $#!t and sooner or later, I'll blow up in your face and beat the everlasting $#!t out of you. Yes, I knocked the LT on his ass then I just quit. After that, 84% of the squadron quit as well. *** the Lieutenant.


    I say this because:

    1: I needed to vent out anger on the fact that RL ranking systems have this *** should-have-been-castrated bastard promoted to FACKING MAJOR.

    2. The cadets of 307 Stonybrook are STILL being treated like $#!t. Those that decided to quit the squadron though...

    3. On December 14-15, for those who are playing Halo Reach, if you see a group of players with the 307 clan tag, prepare to get pwned into the ground.

    Supreme Commander Matt Klassen, captain of the Devastator-class ship Enlightened.

    All Halo achievements unlocked.
    All CoD4 achievements unlocked.
    All MW2 achievements unlocked.
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