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  •  12-01-2010, 4:39 PM

    Re: Halo Waypoint Transition (Please Read)

    Dalek cob:

    7 posts.  Everything else you just said may or may not be BS. We may never know.  I would say you aren't, because you presence was never felt, nor did you ever do anything but try to claim an avatar upon the closing time.

    So because he lurked on the forums more than posted you're claiming that he wasn't a member of the community?
    Sound's pretty fish eyed if you ask me.
    I've been around these parts ever since I found out there was a site back last year, I may not post regularly but I certainly do visit these forums and check posts would that make me not part of the community?
    Think very carefully about your rebuttal.

    I'm going to say that Cocop has no way of knowing whether he's telling the truth or not.


    Does it really even matter?  I didn't post much here, so what?  A forum is just a portion of what should be considered "the community."  It may be the most vocal and active part of the community, but it's certainly not the entire thing.  If Xbox Live suddenly shut down, I would be offended if Microsoft said I wasn't part of that community simply for not posting on the forums: I've been a near-daily Xbox Live user for 4 years now, using the site for various features, but not forums.  Or, to make a more appropriate example, if Halo 3 shut down.  I played that game like there was no tomorrow for quite a while (though I don't anymore), and I would be offended if they shut it down and I wasn't considered "part of the community" because I didn't use the forums.


    I think the ridiculousness of the notion really shines through when you said "Cocop has no way of knowing if he's telling the truth or not."  Should I be excluded simply because nobody can prove I was here for nearly two years?  I played the game quite a bit, and that's all that's important.  Now, I love Halo Wars.  I would like to show my pride for having played this game at its peak on Waypoint.  A provable fact is that I've been here longer than Cocop has been in charge; of course he couldn't prove anything regarding me.  But the burden of proof shouldn't be mine.  It's mean, and it's ridiculous.  I have played this game since its launch, and have technically been a member of this community since then, too.  That should be evidence enough.  Would I even care about getting this avatar if I didn't consider myself a member of the Halo Wars community?  I wouldn't.  This game is awesome.  I would like to represent that.

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