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    Philosophy is science, Science started as philosophy, Science has to follow the rules of philosophy, An invalid point can not be true. (do realize valid is different than true) The two fields are closely related and often overlap.

    Philosophy is needed to come up with those explanations, without it they would make about as much sense as 2 + trees = dogs. 

    my example was showing valid logic, not sound or true logic, thats why scientist (a majority of them, especially the people in the hard sciences) are philosophers as well.


    Also i want to point out that the sky isn't blue, its every color but blue, thats why it reflects blue light.

    as well as that Philosophy literally means means the love of wisdom/knowledge, and the combined meaning is the pursuit of wisdom/knowledge while science means knowledge.

    Everything science "proves" is only relative to the world we know, we don't know that this world is even real and have no way to  prove it is real.... it seems real but we don't necessarily know it is for certain.


    Jason my argument is valid and legitimate and you example is no where even close to mine, My argument is simply stating that you can't be certain it is the color we call blue, you can't be certain its any color or if it even exist, we see it and it exist in our reality, but the basis is you can't be certain that our reality is true reality. Your example would work better if you said "you can't be certain the cat exist, and that its not an illusion".


    Lets use this say a man is on a mind altering drug and starts seeing a flying purple pig.... to this man it is very real he can see it smell it taste it and hear it... you come along and he is explaining this to you... you don't see it at all and realize that what he is seeing is not real at all. now how do you know we are not in some sort of similar state? you don't.... and you can't 

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