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    Well no both meanings of the word aren't correct.


    One is correct for everyday conversation (the one your saying it means) but not correct at all for a scientific theory. The other is correct for scientific theory. And you can't just mix the two into one and say that's correct either.


    Thinking that the word theory in big bang theory means not proved IS ignorant, because it isn't being used in the slang way, it's being used in the scientific way.


    I made a long post and then when I posted it was deleted! dammit and I don't feel like retyping it so I'll try and summarize it, your using the word the wrong way as well as interpreting what I was saying the wrong way. theory is a philosophical term (philosophy is the root of all science) use to describe a logical out come with supporting evidence, its based off our five senses (this is the original use of the word to, and the way its actually used in science). The problem with that is our sense can be manipulated. I could have a theory that the big bang is not existent the effects are caused by the super computer that all our conciseness are hooked up to (like the matrix) in the real universe they can travel faster than light and bend time. the effects we see of the big bang are really caused by the growing memory of the computer. this theory is every point as valid as the big bang theory, it doesn't need evidence because for something to become a theory it has to go through test to be disproved, any test you conduct on it would be inconclusive. This theory may or may not be true but it still is a scientific theory.

     a scientific hypothesis that survives experimental testing becomes a scientific theory. But it stays a hypothesis at the core because you can never prove ANYTHING 100%

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