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  •  09-29-2010, 3:49 PM

    Re: ~ Whale Wars ~

    But that still works in the same fashion, Every thing is a theory because everything is human explanation of the world around us, nothing can truly be true fact. it can only be fact in the universe we perceive. Which for all we could know is an illusion of some deceiver. Philosophy is the science of logic and reasoning if a scientific theory is to be determined true three scientist must try and prove it false, if they can not its chances of being true and accepted go up it must pass the rules of logic. A theory is only true as long as its not proven false, thats why some older theories are starting to be proven false now with out better technology. 


    my point still stands anyone try and prove anything 100% and I can dismiss it as 100% valid. 


    logic doesn't follow true and false it follows valid and invalid 

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