Re: Is this true?

  •  02-26-2010, 3:24 PM

    Re: Is this true?


    Yea, pretty much, Ensemble Fired x amount of employees, and then renamed it self.

    That's definitely not what happened. Microsoft let EVERYONE at Ensemble Studios go, then the former employees of Ensemble formed several different game studios. Microsoft contracted support to Robot Entertainment. ES didn't "rename itself." It's totally gone.

    As far as what Waypoint is going to do with, I do not know.

    I was told by an insider that Ensemble created a Halo MMO and demo'ed the game to MS, but they shot down the idea.  A few key employees decided to leave over it, so MS decided to liquidate all of ES instead of letting those few essential employees walk.  Is this true?

    That story doesn't really make sense. Wouldn't Microsoft liquidating all of ES include those employees walking?
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