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  •  10-11-2009, 10:08 PM

    Re: Super Scarab

    Im Allhere:

    If the covenant gets to tech 7, they should be able to build a super scarab. its more powerful than the one in the campaign on legendary and be fully functional .

    this unit should rape anything. it should cost 10000 monies and be the size of a base.

    when it goes into battle it can boost around like a banshee and destroy anything in its way. it should also be invisible and shielded and it costantly has a vortex and cleansing beam around it. it can also go rage and jump on stuff. when its at 10% health it explode and kills everything on the map and ties the game.


    edit: because of Saximo7: the scarab should also randomly fire mac blasts and carpet bombs and cryo bombs around him!

    also it is immune to all leader powers including the dbomb


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