Tundra 1v1

Artist Notes

Paul Slusser, Skirmish Map Artist, talks about Tundra:

Tundra, home of the World’s Luckiest Mega Turret. I always wondered if someone would notice that 3 meteors crashed into the ground, just missing it? Speaking of those craters, I remember Shannon Dees, an artist at Ensemble, spending a lot of time perfecting those ground shattering, lava filled, smoke fuming holes. It’s funny how we’ll spend the most time on what you would think would be the simplest of things, the terrain. We see it every day on our way to work, in movies, in books, and on HDTV, so we know what it should look like. It’s one of those things when your art is off by just a little bit, it just looks terrible! But since it’s only off by just a bit, it usually can all be fixed with a subtle tweak here and there and then all of sudden; PERFECTION!

Tundra was my personal Legendary A.I. test map. I liked it because I could sometimes funnel his attacks by garrisoning in the sniper towers. Those sniper towers are great as an early warning system to incoming attacks, especially during the early game when the A.I. has a huge advantage on you. Most maps don’t have such stall tactics as this, so it’s a good Legendary practice map.

Designer Notes

Justin Rouse, Multiplayer Map Designer, talks about Tundra:

Iterations: Tundra, the large open 1v1 map with a Mega turret shooting everyone. Sounds like an easy bar to hit but the Mega turret was cut from the story and was no longer going to be created at one point, so I was left with just a large open 1v1. Since I still wanted some interesting decisions to be made I put in more craters to break-up the map, but that alone just didn’t seem interesting enough watching people play this map in playtest. This is when I came up with the wall tower hooks. Putting the wall towers and the higher difficulty creeps guarding the close expansion bases gave me more of the game play I wanted to see for this map. Later on in the project the Covenant Mega turret was back in the production plan and was back on the map and became my favorite one to play.