Memorial Basin 2v2

Designer Notes

Justin Rouse, Skirmish on Halo Wars, talks about the design of Memorial Basin

Memorial Basin, the map based on a design of “excess”. The goal, instant action. First, the close proximity of players starting locations is the number one driving force causing players to mix it up with each other early. Second, hooks! There is an abundance of them littered all over the map. There are Reactor hooks tucked safely behind each team’s starting location, while Supply Elevators and extra Building sockets line the sides of the map between enemies. Cover locations scattered throughout the middle are good for mixing things up defensively or offensively.

Lastly, there are the extra base locations which are further from your enemy than your starting location and more importantly, unguarded. This allows players to quickly make the decision to expand and execute it with little hindrance. Without the worry about clearing creeps away from the base first, nor excessive raiding because of its close proximity to a player’s starting location, we found players were trying all sorts of strategies based around when to expand. At the end of the day this map is about aggression, and that’s exactly how we wanted it.

Multiplayer Notes

Duncan Stanley, Community Manager for Halo Wars:

Memorial Basin is a great DLC map, a real change up from other maps in terms of strategy. Both teams are directly across from each other, making it really easy to hit and run. The open bases are great to grab early and get it going. I usually try to make my second base my economic base and my first base my unit producing base. All of the extra hooks lying around the map are also great to grab giving you a good bonus, and denyng your opponents any advantage.

Always go grab the bunch of crates in the middle, building an extra scout to scoop them up can be really helpful. The cover in the middle of the map is a bit of a red herring, most of the action in my games happens around the outside of the map. It can be good to garrison some infantry in there just as a scout, though, in case your opponents go over the middle. Grabbing the extra building slots around the outside of the map and putting in a unit producing building is a great way of quietly building a small force to harass your enemies base while your main force is elsewhere.