Fort Deen - 3v3

Designer Notes

Fort Deen went through some iterations on gameplay because we wanted this map to feel like each player was pretty safe from the rush. Originally we only had one player per team start in the elevated “safer” areas with his two teammates starting on the outskirts. With the long distance from one side to the other on this map it was still easy enough for two players on one team to rush down the side of the map and hit the edge player with enough time to do serious damage before the edge player’s teammates could react and send help, very much like Frozen Valley and we wanted something different. The simple change of moving the starting locations for all three players up the ledge really helped achieve this. To reinforce this goal we put wall hooks and creep groups down the side paths to help hinder the early rush.

Justin Rouse, Multiplayer Map Designer, gives us one of his tactics:

Tactics: On this map I love to use Brute commando squads. Since they’re infantry I can put them into the wall towers and block off my enemies ground forces but because of my brute jump packs I can jump back and forth over the walls to get away from danger or to closer to juicy targets coming to shoot my units out of the towers. Once my team has the upper hand it can still be very difficult to crack the enemy team’s starting base location since they’re in close proximity to each other up on the ledges. While the enemy has their forces at one of the two choke points trying to stop my teammates tank/air combo and my brute chief from storming in, I like to walk my army of brute commandos up to the front wall in the center, where they usually only have missile towers for air to come over, and jumppack my brutes into the back of their base. When they figure out what I’m doing and send some troops over to stop me I jump my brutes back down and run away and repeat the process once they move back to the front.