Exile 3v3

Artist Notes

Paul Slusser, an Artist who worked on Exile tells us a bit about his work on the map.

Exile was one of the maps we created toward the end of the development cycle, so we pretty much knew going into it what kind of things to avoid.Since 3v3 maps are our worst performance maps, due to the amount of units it could have on screen at any given time, we knew this maps had to be pretty simplistic. Minimal use of terrain objects/vegetation and no water/lava, which actually worked out nicely since the setting was to represent a lifeless, dried up planet.
One of the hardest parts of creating Exile had to be alignment of the terrain to the bordering Forerunner structure along the outer edges. I had originally planned on using a very large masking technique to handle this, but after a few attempts I realized that was not going to work for something that needed this type of pixel perfect alignment. So I had to slowly sculpt and blend the terrain by hand all the way around one of our largest maps. My favorite tactic on this map was to gain control over the free reactors and always get my team to hit the player on the outer most ring first. I found that the players that got placed in the middle where always planning for incoming attacks and would hesitate sending their forces away from their base to support allies.

Designer Notes

Justin Rouse, a skirmish map Designer, gives us one of his tactics:

Tactics: On exile I tend to let my start placement dictate my strategy more so than other maps. If I’m the center start position I like to rush hard and force the opposing center start player to call for help, keeping his teammates from doing what they want.  If I’m either of the other two start locations I tend to go for an all out boom to tech’d up air units hoping our center position teammate can hold out while I try to get there.

Exile was originally called “Bowl_3_SWE” during the majority of development, so I always have to think twice what people are talking about when they say Exile.