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Misc. stuff...Base scheme suggestion for HWars 2... A new base scheme where you have preset base locations like now (much bigger), but you can upgrade+build a wall around the perimeter, and there are pre-set buildings areas along the inner edge. (like E3 07)Some buildings (like the vehicle depot) will take up 2+ areas, while a barracks might only take up 1. The default rally point would be in the middle, and the rest would be like E3 07. Quick ref quotes [quote user="The Search Bar"]I'm so cold and lonely, why won't you use me?[/quote] [quote user="Canned response"] Not another X Vs. Y thread! [/quote] [quote user="Code of Conduct"] [quote user="Post 1"] [quote user="Rule no. 1"] Post offensive or derogatory comments, including those of a racial, religious, or sexual nature. This includes your username, signature line, and title. This includes bypassing the banned word filter in any way, shape or form. [/quote] [/quote] [/quote]

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