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  • Re: Starcraft 2 tutorials...

    Recarnate: If you wanna learn counters then you&#39;ll have to do the basic challanges on the game, also if you look online you can figure out how to micro counters properly, otherwise they dont always work. &nbsp; Roaches are NOT a hard counter to Zealots without *** good and repetitive micro. Until zelots get charge, then zelots are a ...
    Posted to All Things Multiplayer (Forum) by Encrypted AI on September 4, 2010
  • Re: Starcraft 2 tutorials...

    For specific builds, look at it when you get to gold/platinum If you are below, just play and you weill get better, but soem things to remeber are *Scout! You need to knwow what the other guys is doing, zelots are not useful vs mutalisks. Use scan for terrran, sacrifice overlords for zerg, and ...
    Posted to All Things Multiplayer (Forum) by Encrypted AI on September 4, 2010
  • Co-op partner

    Hey, I need a co-op partner to get the OMG BFF FTW achivement, so any takers? gamertag: Rocking Thunder
    Posted to All Things Multiplayer (Forum) by Encrypted AI on July 17, 2010
  • Who has Starcraft 2?

    Hey, my copy of starcraft 2 just arrived a couple of hours ago, and I decided to post this while it is installing, I am going to be playing single player for a bit first, and I have some things to take care of before I can get online, but who has starcraft two and what is there username? Note: I may not be able to respond to this right away, may ...
    Posted to All Things Multiplayer (Forum) by Encrypted AI on June 26, 2010
  • Re: Call me God

    Ok allah, and 1 vs 3 are not that epic anymore, too many bad people, too big of a good to bad skill gap
    Posted to All Things Multiplayer (Forum) by Encrypted AI on May 24, 2010
  • Re: Tired of the 3 min rush?

    Ash56: I like Halo Wars a lot, and I got the general rank back before they made it a lot easier to get.&nbsp; My biggest problem with this game is the 3-4 min rushes.&nbsp; They are not fun to do, and everyone on the game does it once they get the general rank.&nbsp; The only defense against them is to do the same thing, and all you do is change ...
    Posted to All Things Multiplayer (Forum) by Encrypted AI on May 24, 2010
  • Re: [Reach MP Beta] DMR and Nerfle Anti-Shielding Damage Statistics

    DaRKSTaRxMeRC: DFang: DaRKSTaRxMeRC: DFang: DMR takes 4 shots to bring Spartan shields down, nerfle takes around 6.&nbsp; &nbsp;Add one shot for elite shields. &nbsp;Headshots don&#39;t matter &nbsp; Those are figures ONLY of shields, not health.&nbsp; Well what about the health then, smart ass?!&nbsp; 1 headshot, or 3 rounds for nerfle, ...
    Posted to The Halo-verse (Forum) by Encrypted AI on May 21, 2010
  • Re: forum cards

    II Ethics II: Instinct:You tell me what this vegemite is, yes yes? It&#39;s a very australian spread (for bread/toast) that has a very aquired taste and most people hate it. I don&#39;t mind it. It&#39;s just another sterotype Dont forget New Zeland, when my counsin came over, I tried it, thinking it would be ok, but I almost threw up!
    Posted to All Things Multiplayer (Forum) by Encrypted AI on May 21, 2010
  • Re: Who has the SC2 beta?

    tmspartan: We&#39;ve arrived at the door! The door is all that once was and all that will ever be. The door can see into your mind! The door can see into your soul... Oh and:;sid=3000 Just a few of the ...
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Encrypted AI on May 20, 2010
  • Re: Starcraft 2 Beta

    KSI BloodSnipe: (&quot;&quot;\|*_*|/&quot;&quot;) yetti says you fail Go look at your stupid yeti thread, there you will see the answer (and no, its not 42)
    Posted to General Discussion (Forum) by Encrypted AI on May 20, 2010
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