Halo Wars Ranks and Skill Levels Explained

Published Friday, March 13, 2009 4:37 PM by Aloysius

Halo Wars has a couple different ways of tracking our players history from matchmade, public games. Some we use primarily to get you good games, others are more oriented to helping players rank themselves against the community. Lets go through each of them:

Player Trueskill™
This is the standard Xbox LIVE Trueskill™ tracking value that rates players to help match them in competitive games. We use this only for matchmaking and we use it for all matchmade games. We track a separate Trueskill™ value for each of the different Halo Wars hoppers you can play in. So you if are great at 1v1 Standard but just getting started playing 2v2 Deathmatch games - then you will be matched with similar skill level opponents in those different games. Also for team games, we average your skill with everyone else on your team - so you don't have to worry about the skill level of the party host versus everyone else on the team - everyone's skill is taken into account. These Trueskill™ levels are meant only to help get our players the best matched game for all our different hoppers - but if you are ever curious about your level, you can always check it out under Multiplayer | Leaderboards. Select a Leaderboard Type of "MP Skill" and set the Filter to "Pivot" (that means "Find me in the list!"). You can also see the Trueskill™ value being used during matchmaking - right after the countdown starts you will see in the middle of the screen "Party TrueSkill™ Rank X". X will be the Trueskill™ level averaged for the entire party (if the party is just you, then that is your exact Trueskill™ level). If you are interested in more detail about how this is calculated, here are the details: TrueSkill™ Ranking System

Skill Level
While the Xbox LIVE TrueSkill™ values are what help us get you good matches for each hopper, we also have our servers track a global skill value for you as well. If you look up on the website, the Player Stats for yourself (or any other player), right under your gamer tag is your Skill Level . That is a value between 1 and 50 for how skilled you are at playing competitive Halo Wars games. We calculate that on the Halo Wars servers with the stats from each matchmade game you play. Note that just like for the Player Trueskill™, if a player leaves early through any means (turning off the box, exiting the game, resigning, etc ) then the system will count that as a loss.

Skill level isn't always the best way for tracking a player experience with the game, so we also keep a total running score of all multiplayer, matchmade games you have played. As this global score for a player goes up, we award the players various ranks to reflect their experience with the game. See the Rank section below to see what total score is needed for the various ranks. To find your score (and rank), in game go to the multiplayer menu and select Service Record | Skirmish. Note that one of the best ways to boost your score per game is to complete the game (as opposed to resigning or disconnecting). While you get a 40% bonus if you win, you also get a 20% bonus if you just complete the game. On team games if you are defeated, the award happens right then - not at the end of the game - so you don't need to wait around in that game unless you want to watch the action.


Rank Score Needed
Recruit Play 1 Game
Lieutenant 80,000
Captain 200,000
Major 400,000
Commander 800,000
Colonel 1,600,000
Brigadier 2,400,000
General 3,200,000