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[quote user="kevow7"] may b they replace anders with... spartain red team? then the special vehicla would be 2 spartains on a mongoose with a spartain laser and special god power could be uhhmm... missiles [quote user="iEchoic"]post of the week [quote] [quote user="One Nanometer"] Seriously, dodging is just blatant and ridiculous. It's pathetic, multiple "top teams" with like 6 people on their rosters online won't even play us. Mitch flat-out refused, apparently Team Rocket can't play any games unless Alpha feels like allowing it, and BH prefers to watch from the sidelines and laugh. Rank One earned a reputation by going 34-1 against top teams, accepting every challenge they get. Reject/Rocket etc. want to earn a reputation by playing as many n00bs as possible. FINALLY managed to get a game against Team Rocket tomorrow, and they want to cancel for no reason even though their roster has like a dozen people ready to play. This will be THE showdown against Team Rocket tomorrow, good luck. Irishking is cap-carding the whole thing, if you want to no show be my guest: http://gamebattles.com/xbox360/halo-wars/team/temptationv2/match?id=18285458 [/quote]

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