David Failinger and halo wars development

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    David Failinger and halo wars development

    You know, halo wars has almost no players, stats are going, Its unlikely ill get banned and this whole website it about to be sucked into a black whole, but before that id just like to say, David pottinger replacing Greame Divine as lead designer, and the decision to scrap the whole 2007 was the stupidest *** idea in the world.


    Halo wars is a fun game, sure, buts it sucks the anus compared to what it could have been. Thereis not a single thing in halo wars that looks as good as the 2007 demo, and if you look at some interviews and *** good ol' dave did and greame did, i think greame is just a better, more charismatic and more "Fruitful" guy, cause when he was the lead, he made a DEMO that i would glady trade the finished game for.


    And if there ever is to be a halo wars 2, not only should goood ol' Dave the cucumber not be aloud near it with a 10 foot pole, get greame back, and bring back the good old days of 2007.  Halo wars may be the best selling console based RTS out there, but its certainly not the BEST RTS on consoles, not even when it frist came out.


    And by no means get the wrong idea from this rant, Halo wars is a great game, and i still have it (The pointless collectors eddition actually, who the *** wants 'leader cards' and an iron-on spirit of fire patch, if i wanna get bashed, ill at least mouth off at someone), but like i said before, it sucks a sweaty mans jocks compared to what it could have been.


    Also, halo wars is not a real halo game, it has no halo feel, way too many laser beams and transformer style units. That feel went out the door with 2007, there was none of the "humans work here, humans live here" of the 2007 demo. I could have been playing as a faction of robots for all I knew. Thewy should have just called this game "Age of alien *** be beaming my base".


    tl/dr: *** you david pottinger, i know you thought you were doing your best but still, *** you, you ruined halo wars.


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    Re: David Failinger and halo wars development

    you sir are a noble man. i respect you for this post.

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