The End.

  •  12-14-2010, 11:51 PM

    The End.

    Well, this is it.

    Goodbye Halo Wars forums, and goodbye to Cocopjojo and any other mods that may still be around and helping with Waypoint. It's been a good run. The thought of this forum being closed definitely and only in a few short hours sparks emotions in me that I feel rather ashamed of considering the medium that encourages their display.

    Never before has the closing (or my removal) from a forum ever bothered me by any measure, but not so with HWF. Over the past year and a bit I've come to love this place, despite all my criticizing, bitching and moaning, I love this forum.

    It's too bad the big wigs at the farm decided to retire the old girl. She'll be missed.


    -- DaRKSTaRxMeRC, Bullet Train, John Smith, John Locke, etc 

    So rare it's a go'damn super power
    Oooh, my Common Sense is tingling


    You got me good, munn.

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