Re: Crusader's very informal Goodbye.

  •  12-14-2010, 10:00 PM

    Re: Crusader's very informal Goodbye.


    crusaderking:A little over 4 hours before the forums shut down correct?

    Post PM's before closing time lol?

    I thought about taking a PM from a top player to me, making it anonymous and then posting it for flaming lulz, but the person I got it from is too cool to do that to 

    I was thinking it would be funny to do that to bb with our 350 messages(never would). Very personal at times. He is currently deciding if he wants to switch to men.

    Nah Im jking. It is 350 messages long though.

    comparing girth and length?

    mine is a straight up diss on another top player, referring to him as not even a challenge with a game link in the PM, pretty funny link actually 

    lol, me and bb had some good top level conversations.

    Nice job on beating X.

    it wasn't my game played, it was being used for comparison purposes, but still pretty funny 

    JP Bison:

    I'm not a grinder.

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