Forums Read-Only Tonight at 12am PST

  •  12-14-2010, 11:45 AM

    Forums Read-Only Tonight at 12am PST

    As scheduled, tonight at 12am PST the forums will go into read-only mode. There's no guarantee how long they'll stay visible (could be hours or could be weeks, I'm not sure what the IT team has scheduled past the read-only date), so make sure you have everything saved that you wish to keep a record of.

    This can basically be considered last call for the avatar thing, since after tonight I won't be answering PMs. I've gone through the next queue of avatars on Waypoint so if you didn't get yours, please PM me again; and remember, you must have registered before the announcement. bs angel won't be able to apply them from Waypoint since we won't be able to verify your Halo Wars membership status past tonight.

    Reminder: Stat-tracking, of course, will continue, so that section of this site will remain.

    It's been fun over here. You guys are crazy but you're pretty darn funny on occasion and I've had a blast in my short time here. I really hope all of you come over to the Waypoint forums.

    Stat-tracking continues here on, and Halo Wars discussion continues over at Halo Waypoint. See you on the other side!

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