Re: Goodbye Slayer.

  •  12-12-2010, 11:06 PM

    Re: Goodbye Slayer.

    DC BooyahFrog:

    l Slayer l:
    DC BooyahFrog:You saved a link of beating me when I was playing with Murph20 and Ragnarok Knight. Only now do I realize the true extent of your nerddom.
    Then again I had yezmar on my team, and nobody good plays with you anyways?

    If no one good plays with me then why would you save a link? I think it's because you're a nerd. I may not be as good as you at Halo Wars, but at least I know the difference between "loose" and "lose", smart guy.

    just for lols its an honor to beat the undisputed 'king of Halo Wars' If I really cared there'd be like 10 links of me slapping you,im just an absolute *** and thought it would be useful to trolololol you some time in the future. but I realized its just a waste of time, wasnt it you who lost to a 5 gunner hog rush vs my cutter on release as forge?
    I'm Terri-Trash at best :(
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