Re: Best players list v3.

  •  12-12-2010, 5:17 PM

    Re: Best players list v3.

    I must say why the hell am I on the list for anders? Useing the logic your using on crusaderking who have I've beaten that let's me be anywhere near top 50 even? Instinct, alpha, sparta have beaten me, so have tweek, coconut, ect. What makes me so speical to have lost to all of them with records im guessing are losing ( I dont keep count) and still be on this list? I play 1v1 more then teams giving me less experince my teamwork is bad (I just talk about how banshees are lame). I dont do anything speical as anders, I go guass =/= anders

    You guys may not like crusader but I perosnally think he is a great player and you guys arent ready to accept it.

    everyone has there opinion and im not saying you have to change but I think you should do some real re considering.

    GT: EverCuteKitty
    1v1-front page (random all)
    2v2-front page (anders)
    3v3-top 50 (random UNSC)

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