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    Re: Best players list v3.

    o ExLaX x:
    o AdMiRaTiON o:

    o AdMiRaTiON o:Crusader gets a nice win then thinks he is amazing lol.

    Crusader has demonstrated he is a top player with forge in 1v1, 3v3 teams is easier to play than 1v1, if he played 3v3 teams as much as he did 1v1 it wouldn't even be a question...

    he also said he doesn't think he is amazing, l2read

    He thinks he is top 10 and starts to tell us he is after he gets the win. You are right he didn't say "I am amazing".

    If you were bothered as much as me about not being a good team player, you would say something too, not to mention I have had mid 40 TS in teams UA and have only played 12 games of 3v3 party in 3 months.

    I don't believe I am amazing, but I am a good forge and have always been underrated in the team field mostly due to the fact its overshadowed by my 1v1.

    wanna play teams? 


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