Re: Why I quit 307 Stonybrook RCACS

  •  12-11-2010, 10:39 PM

    Re: Why I quit 307 Stonybrook RCACS

    AC Matt Klassen:

    Desperado920:Yeah if you're anything other than Onyx i'm not worried what so ever.

    Onyx? I have all Campaign onyx. 5 in Firefight. Multiplayer I don't give jack $#!t.

    Multiplayer is the only one that requires patience and/or skill.

    Well done on mindlessly grinding Campaign and Firefight.

    As of now, I have now obtained one Multiplayer ONYX, Close Quarters, because of my over-use of shotguns and swords. And my fists. Plasma punching for the win.

    Supreme Commander Matt Klassen, captain of the Devastator-class ship Enlightened.

    All Halo achievements unlocked.
    All CoD4 achievements unlocked.
    All MW2 achievements unlocked.
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