Re: Mighty Icy Legit 50 TS in 1v1!!!!

  •  12-10-2010, 9:13 PM

    Re: Mighty Icy Legit 50 TS in 1v1!!!!

    El Diego:The resignation to Icy in matchmaking a week or two back that got him his 49, you acknowledged that it was in matchmaking but said something else which I thought was a flimsy excuse.

    You mean my resignation when I had lost my base with 5 hogs left vs his four turrets, wraiths, and brutes? Yea I tend to throw in the towel when Im in that position. Quote of this "last time" or links of me resigning to him to boost him or your just blowing smoke.

    GT: EverCuteKitty
    1v1-front page (random all)
    2v2-front page (anders)
    3v3-top 50 (random UNSC)

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