Re: Talk trash Get Smashed (Video)

  •  12-10-2010, 2:33 PM

    Re: Talk trash Get Smashed (Video)

    MiTcH RuNz 330:
    Shirly Forge:
    DC BooyahFrog:

    I play pretty horribly this game, but not to worry, I'm going against emerold triangle and company.  This video is brilliantly narrated by a combination of prince, myself, tocksikk, and tweek sr. 

    You should have adjusted your strategy, emerold:


    I dont save or post links but would anyone save a link beating planswalker x???? EXACTLY.




    This video > Mitch's entire Youtube library.

    Even my newest video to be uploaded tonight?  Hunterrr ;) 

    GT-sPro MiTcH

    Top 50 1v1 and 3v3, what is going on??
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