II Ethics II - Cya Mate Thread

  •  12-08-2010, 2:16 AM

    II Ethics II - Cya Mate Thread

    Hey Guys

    Appropriately my 3000th post will be my last post on these forums. As I am not going onto Lazyfrog or Waypoint as I simply cbf.

    Any responses to this thread/ maybe other threads will edited underneath this post.

    So pretty much I've been here from the start, with my breaks here and there. I've seen top players fall, new players come, rivalries, tournaments, booster threads, leaderboard threads, klunk is bad threads and the multiple threads directed to my grandfather. I've seen em all.

    I honestly mainly used this forum as procrastination from uni work along with facebook. But I also enjoyed the conversations with some people and the bickering fights with others. Thing I would like to forget is the stupid Ethics boosting threads which I sent hours defending myself on lol and the 13 min grenadier crap.

    I won't be online much for the next month and a half due to real life events. But anyone who wishes to send my a f/r to play sometime feel free. 

    Quick shout outs in no order

    Alpha, probably my favorite person I've met playing this game. I like playing with him not for his skill (lol doesn't say much) but he's a  genially a nice guy and easy to get along with.

    Garner you old fart, good to have a laugh with easy to get along with

    DC you lil bltch funny kid who's always a blast to play with with or without a mic. You will never win over my grandpa's heart

    Jeffery awesomest funky dude I know. 

    Slayer you're like that lil skrawny kid in class that has his 2 cents about everything ahhaah hilarious tho

    Prince we surprisingly go a while back the more I think about it, as obnoxious as you are sometime you probably make me laugh more than anyone

    Planeswalker my favourite person that I don't even have added. Your accent will NEVER be good ok. and I rape you ate magic

    Buster easy going nice guy... go way way back

    Gilberg is a cool chap too

    also Miz/ Meatshield/ Vmyster/ IEchoic/ Scrubs/ Bigger and Jesssus I'll edit in any I forget.

    And all the forum usuals Cking/ Stud/ Dfang/ chains ect.

    ... no need to mention family.

    Also.... Booyah.. saving links doesn't make you a man. And Klunk your bark is way way bigger than you're bite. Pull your big head out of your ass... I must say I enjoyed out- witting you in all of our arguments tho lil fella.

    Anyone who wants to add me on fbook feel free :)

    http://www.facebook.com/Adrian.J.Reilly (tell me who you are)

    Cya's online!



    @ Intinct Lol

    @ Chains added :P

    @ Slayer I will visit on the 14th and watch this place burn. And will troll the crap out of waypoint on the 15th.

    @ Sneakie.... I dunno who is the worse troll.. you or that Robbed guy?

    @ Klunk I have a better win/loss on you gg no re

    @ Gilberg :D <3 we havn't played together much.. at all tho :/

    @ Shirley ... lol how is that idiot?




    Sl Loboz:
    then ethics came, and all was good in the world
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