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  •  11-23-2010, 3:33 PM

    Re: 3s

    Sl Loboz:

    KingAndrew:So let me see if i have this correct when on instinct plays with a de-ranked account plus a new one it's ok but when anyone else does it they should be shun? This guy is the biggest hypocrite bothering people forever about boosting but when he does it is ok! just pathetic. and by the way vultures ftw :-)

    i didnt know tweeks acc is deranked, either way it is not instincts job to tell him to play on his main or to go buy another account. unless you want to buy tweek an account there really is no other solution (cause tweek will not play on his 50). the other solution is that instinct not play with tweek and really why should he go out of his way to do this, instinct plays for fun and he will play with almost anyone.

    Ya, he even play with Loboz. jk :)

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