Last Rap on These Forums...Ever

  •  11-18-2010, 12:47 AM

    Last Rap on These Forums...Ever

    To commemorate.

    It doesn't rhyme unless you say it the way I most of you wouldn't get that it was even a rap.


    I'm not here today to diss the Eastred Dragon

    Or that wack captain, AC Matt Klassen,

    I'm still laughin' at what had happened

    So many memories, holy crap man

    Everyday for 10 months I'd check these forums

    To cure my boredom, but wow, it's more th'n

    Just that, I've made so many friends and before th't

    I wouldn't have met any of them Halo Wars men

    That I have grown to love over this past year

    Here here, let's have a beer, we cheer and cheer

    Yeah, UHL and Studmuffin are the fun stuff

    I had some fun with that. But I had one love

    That I needed to tend to, so I had to let you guys go

    And I hope that you guys will continue, I'm a psycho

    On September 2009 right here I said hi, hi.

    Now, in November 2010 I'm saying bye, guys.


    I love you all. This was a 5 minute *** rap, but it gets my point across


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