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  •  11-17-2010, 6:45 PM

    Re: Since is departing...

    AC Matt:
    Eternal Vigil:

    I remember when this site used to be a basic forum with some very early concept art of a scarab and hunter at the top.

    I remember the old 2006 members.

    I remember Member of the month threads (And my less successful Fan-fic writer of the month)

    I remember the Cougar.

    I remember writing my Fan-fics, and the support for them driving me on and making a series I am still proud I did.

    I remember the 2009 fights and how things went.

    I remember the day I got banned.

    I remember watching the site change to a new generation and me going into semi-retirement.

    And at the end of the site, when they finally turn the servers off: We will remember

    What was the Cougar?

    You should post your fanfics on a different site, that way they won't be lost... I enjoyed them [went back and read most of them]. 

    The cougar is a cut vehicle. It was like an APC. It ressembles the gremlin. When the first pictures of the gremlin apeared, people tought it was a cougar.

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