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  •  11-17-2010, 3:03 AM

    Re: On Instinct

    Haribo Almighty:

    I think I have a few, yes.

    I only ever lost to your crew when you were on the team, Hangingbaskets just dragged them down I guess.

    I should be online tonight, send me an invite or something man!


    I'll take that as a compliment lol.

    Was playing some good games with Vindi and Pristine last night. Mainly against no names. Best game was agains Cerospada and T Law.

    Also, we have decided for there to be a truce between you guys and Pristine.  There isn't many good British players left, so the ones that remain must get on.

    Deal? Ok Good :)

    Ok Man, i will HOPEFULLY be on at like 4:30 ish.  


    When i get an apology for him calling me arrogant i will call it quits.....

     Ay up Garner

    Lol no problem mate. I will have a word with him this evening.

    Just passing by. Maybe
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