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  •  11-16-2010, 6:30 PM

    Re: Let's Pressure MS

    Eternal Vigil:

    Well now that 343 has the reins to the Halo Franchise, they have two choices. 1) Make a new IP game in-house or by a thrid party developer. 2) Use Halo Wars as a stepping stone into Halo games by doing a sequel.

     Now, while Halo Wars had decent sales (1 million units sold), it is far eclisped by it's Bungie's shooter cousins. It depends whether 343 want to play it safe and do another Halo shooter, or they want to make a bold step and do something different, out of their comfort zone at a potential loss.

    Looking at current trends, I'd say the former, but 343 could prove me wrong. 

    Yes but the thing is that they already have an engine and a formula for what works. I could be wrong, but I think a FPS takes a lot more money in development than a RTS, unless it does something strange like the voice recognition in Tom Clancy's Endwar. The graphics don't have to be as good and you don't need to do all sorts of crazy stuff like record 500,000 gunshots like they did for Medal of Honor. Now that they have an engine to build off of I think it would be fairly minimal risk.

    Problem is the unit pathfinding, the amount of units on screen, particle effects etc. It is probably cheaper, but not as much as you'd probably think.

    Vigil will never be defeated.
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