Winning at all Cost

  •  11-08-2010, 10:42 PM

    Winning at all Cost

    Alright, today was a good day since I finally got Brigadier *yay*

    But that also included some guy bitching at me for using Gauss Hogs (see here )

     The scenario was that the Cutter ally resigned/lagged out right at the beginning of the game. My forge ally was going for tanks. So in a 2 v 3 I figured, what the hell lets build up gauss hogs as fast as I can, trying to take out one of the enemies. Fortunately that succeeded with help of the tanks and the remaining enemy bases were picked up by me. My teammate was being attacked by banshees and hunters but the destruction of the enemy bases was my priority (my teammate sacrificed alot of units and a base but was able to fend the attack of without me).

     Then I get this message from one of the enemies

    "You are a f***ing ***. You can only win by f***ing rushing you ***. Try to actually play the game next time."


    Now I was very satisfied to win since it was a 2 v 3 but it made me think. What is more important, winning a game and moving on or "playing the game"? I mean the goal of an RTS is to win. Is every mean available acceptable just to get a win ? An Anders Gauss rush is one of the most annoying thing that can happen in Halo Wars (imo) so should I effectively try to avoid it so everybody has fun or

    Obviously it does not have to be debated if rushing is "playing the game" since in high level games rushing is everything so lets try to just focus on "Winning at all Cost".

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