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    A theory isn't used to descirbe an outcome, it's an explanation of why.

    From Encyclopedia Britannica " A scientific theory is a structure suggested by scientific laws and is devised to explain them in a scientifically rational manner."




    a mere assumption or guess."


    A scientific hypothesis that survives experimental testing can become multiple things depending on what the hypothesis is. A scientific theory is NOT something not proven, buy a dictionary or look up a dictionary online.


    When you say you can never prove anything 100% your getting into philosophy not science. In science many things are proven 100%.

    Okay try and prove one thing to me.... Try it, then I'll counter it.

     You will fail I can tell you that.

     There are things we accept to be true to the world we live in and see., but that does not mean this is a true reality. 

     You can say "the sky is blue" and I can then say "No you perceive the sky as blue, there is no real way to know its true color" 

    you can say "humans need water to survive" I can the say " How do you know that its truly water we are drinking? what if the water is an illusion that is being put into your head by a deceiver when in the true reality you need to drink acid to survive" 


    my responses would be a possible out come, even tough they are not likely the show there are other options to those conclusions  meaning that the conclusion give (though to many people accepted as 100% true) have some doubt to them so there fore cannot be 100% true. you can have a conclusion that is 99.999999999999% true, but thats not 100%.


    and my use of a theory is still 100% correct,



    a logical, systematic set of principles or explanation that has undergone testing or validation from careful observations and has stood up against attempts to prove it false. A scientific theory can be used to make a variety of predictions of what will happen under different circumstances.

     Again an explanation cannot be proven 100% true, it can only be valid or invalid. Thats what logic is, here is an example of logic.

    You can also look at it this way, you say there is nothing faster than light, but where ever light goes darkness is there first. 

    If all purple things are blue

     and all Red things are purple

    All red things must be blue


    Also follows the logical statement of

    All P are B

    All R are P

    Therefore All R are B 


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