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    I have been gone a while and really don't want to continue this argument that was started and then abandoned by verram but I think he still reads this and needs to realize this.


    You keep saying Theory of evolution and The big bang Theory, but then you don't say The Creation Theory, Or the God Theory.... which they are exactly the same things.... theory's. as it turns out Everything is a theory, everything from the big bang, god and even time its self is a theory. You cannot prove any of it, I can not even prove that sentence, the only thing you can prove is yourself to yourself. you cannot disprove some one who comes up to you and say that the entire world was created 5 human minutes ago the way it is now and with all our memories and everything already put in place.

     if you used the word theory properly a common converstation would sound like this

    "Does your theory of your current feelings feel like going to the Theoretical movie theater to watch that Theoretical movie?"


    you can say "Theory of the Big Bang" and then turn around and say "God is real", But it can easily be turned around to "the big bang" and "The theory of God"

    What we decide to be fact  is based on the evidence available, with the big bang we can still hear its echo and its still happening, the big bang is the universe expanding and it still is and we cam measure that using light reflecting off of planets and measuring the time it takes for it to move back and fourth. Evolution has been viewed and observed over many years since the church stopped oppressing science and allowed our technological advancements to happen. we can see it still today, mutations are not people growing extra arms, its things like two dwarfs (which is a recessive gene which means the child should genetically be a dwarf) have a normal child. its why some people are taller than all their family members or shorter than them. 


    In the end though its, and everything else is just a theory, we decide what we believe in because of what we can see smell, hear and touch. Thats why evolution is accepted by most churches and by the Vatican, We can here the Big bang and we can see evolution happen. The next time you hear god, or see him, or touch him let me know alright.

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