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    Re: Starcraft 2 tutorials...

    The biggest thing is strategy. Yes.

    The second mechanics. Starcraft 2 mechanics are a lot easier to master, because of all of the new hotkey features.

    The third biggest is awareness. Keeping track of your screen, money, and minimap is actually very difficult. That comes with practice.

    The first thing you have to do is to come up with a hotkey setup that you like, and is efficient. Think about the race you play, what buttons are near what, etc...

    Mine is:

     1. All Orbital Commands and CC's for quick muling and SCV training (with waypoint at minerals, the whole skipping back thing is no longer necessary.

    2. All Production Facilities for quick training.

    3. My entire army

    4. Reserved for units

    5. Reserved for units

    6. Reserved for units

    7. All Barracks

    8. All Factories

    9. All Starports

    0. All Tech Buildings

    And that seems to work pretty well for me. 

    In the early game:

    1. Command Center, 2. First few buildings, 3. Scout, 4. The few units I have

    I make it a habit of grouping my units to hotkeys at my rally points, so...

    PM me if you want me to tell you my Starcraft: Brood War APM secrets 

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