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    o AdMiRaTiON o:
    Kangaroo Love:

    Halo wars was at its best in terms of skill months ago.

    Players don't 'become high level' because they are taught by high level players. If you're talented enough to reach the state of high level, you'll do it on your own. This is a strategy game, not learning the letters of the alphabet.

    Enough of these dumb threads.

    I'm hopeful your children, if you have or should ever have, will have the sense to ignore any and every lesson you don't try to teach them. I'm sure they'll get along just fine in the world without you ever giving them advice or putting them into the schooling system so "teachers" can "teach" them things they should just haphazardly come to learn by themselves.

    Seeing as how no one learns from others experience, I'm sure you also taught yourself how to program from just typing random letters numbers and symbols on your screen (grinding I guess is what YOU would call it) until you had You must of just been "talented enough" to eventually type the right letters seeing as how there's "only like 5 languages and operators in programming", COMMON SENSE duh?

    This is coming from a player who believes in helping people who are new to the game and seek strategy and advice, or the very least guidelines or a direction in where to go, in order to better themselves as quickly and easily as possible. Why? Because it's the decent thing to do.

    Lethal, while I can't offer you the level of "expertise" (build banshees) that kangaroo can as far as advice goes, I'd be more than willing to answer any of your questions or offer a few solid basic strategies to set you on your way. GT "violatrix" for the moment, but will eventually be back onto "violaterr" for reach. Drop me a line!


    Did you just compare teaching someone how to play Halo Wars and teaching someone a life lesson...?

    I agree with K Love, if you aren't good at this game at this point you are a complete *** moron when it comes to RTS games. I still think trying to teach people to play this game is pointless.

    i disagree completely. it's amazing how most people here are so aragont these days!

     now I wouldn't say im a bad player but I wouldn't say i'm good either. . . i'm decent. iv'e had the game since it was released and i play it casualy. but i can tell i'm still getting better. even now at the end of a summer i can tell im better then before it.

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