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  •  07-28-2010, 2:37 AM

    Re: Halo Reach > Black Ops

    o AdMiRaTiON o:
    newb hunter 117:

    Halo takes skill.

    CoD takes strategy.

    I prefer Halo.

    Ex. Halo isn't about who sees who first. You can be getting shot at but if your skilled you'll kill the opposing target.

    In CoD it's about who sees who first. You need to know when to hide and when to move.

    How does Halo take skill? Halo is all about who shoots the other one first. It is 4 shots to kill someone so if you get the first shot you win. Once you reach a certain gun skill it becomes irrelevant. Halo is all about team shot, which makes it more of a team game compared to CoD. Other than that CoD takes just about every other aspect. 

    If you haven't noticed yet, this guy is either trolling or is a CoD fanboy.
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