Re: my brother is an idiot -_-

  •  07-16-2010, 8:30 PM

    Re: my brother is an idiot -_-


    my brother just flipped out because while making noodles for lunch I asked if he could add in some extra noodles for me. He said no my mom came in said

    mom:"be a nice brother throw in some noodles for your brother"

    my brother "that's not fair, why should I he sucks".

    mom: your acting like a jerk

    brother: your a jerk *storms off to room*

    my mom goes up there I hear yelling and then I hear thunmping (while maknig the noodles myself may I add) and my brother tried hitting my mother! It was kinda funny because it was a slap fight and I didnt think of my brother as the type to have a slap fight. Anyway after I went inbetween them my brother punched me in the face so I kicked his ass and he ran out the door and now he's outside somwhere. Luckily he hits like a girl XD

    were u all lyk. LOL little bro please. u do not *** wit me. i could rape u in a 1v1 anyday u choose map.
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