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    Spartan Shinobi:

    I don't think so, because even if a small portion of the planet hadn't been glassed I very much doubt the Covenant would have left Military installations of any kind left intact. The landscape looks virtually untouched in all the media we've seen so far.


    And guy who John put in charge? What are you talking about? MC is an NCO, he has no real authority. He's the highest rank of NCO, but still an NCO. If memory serves, Kurt was actually the only Spartan to ever become an officer (Lieutenant specifically I think?) so he's the only Spartan, ever, with any real authority to give orders. 

     John could maybe, maybe boss around a few people under him but for the most part he`s the one taking orders. Ever wonder why in every game even the Marines boss him around? Well, that's why. 

    while you are technically correct MC did have authority over just about every other spartan (Kurt really wasnt an active spartan after his promotion). not only did he outrank most other spartans he was respected by them as their leader.  and he had tactical command in just about every mission because his orders came straight from fleet command. in some cases a marine could pull rank on him but they didnt cuz hes a freaking spartan. its just like cole protocol where keyes pulls rank on an ODST, it was very rare for him to do that.

    and you wouldnt make that mistake if you had read the books like most people here. chief gave fred red team leader (i think, MC is usually blue team)

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