Re: Pirth help for an Anders player

  •  02-07-2010, 3:03 PM

    Re: Pirth help for an Anders player

    bold blaster:

    you could just use spartans to own them all. i once used spartans to take out an army =) that was so funny, he resigned after that.

    and hogs vs hogs= ***

    hogs < marines

    marines need rpg though... or new blood for gunner

    rpg for grenadier

    medic for guass

    (or maybe odst for guass, but why the crap go ODST anyway??)

    Marines don't beat Hogs if you take micro into account. Those grenades will not hit the Hogs if you're playing someone decent. The Hogs can just collar, and the Mariness won't stand a chance.

    Marines should win, but they don't

    ahh, but if you marine micro (and yes the grenades hit hogs when they stop to spin around(once again involves marine micro)) you can take out tier 1 hogs.

    you might want to have a ratio of 1 hog 2 marines, but it still works, try it! 

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