Re: Halo Wars Balance Feedback

  •  11-11-2009, 11:15 AM

    Re: Halo Wars Balance Feedback

    Timotron:There is no date official or unofficial at this point for a potential TU. We will update you when we have one.

    In an potential upcoming title update we are investigating making the following balance changes to Halo Wars, as such I am opening up for feedback as we continue work on refining our balance pass.


    Balance Changes

    1. Buffing the Scarab from a fully upgraded tech level 3 Covenant unit to a "super" tech unit on par with Grizzly's, Hawks and ODST.

    Awesome. Maybe the Scarab could have a much better pathfinding too.

    2. Buffing the Hunters Assault Beam upgrade so that Hunters can track fast moving vehicles like warthogs.


    3. Fixing the Grunt squads needler upgrade so that they keep their damage bonus against Air craft.

    Grunts can do something now. Awesome. Luv those little dudes.

    4. Nerfing the Arbiter during Rage so that he takes more damage from attacks.

    Maybe not nerf his power but allow the untis to lock onto him better.

    5.  Nerfing the Gremlin by adjusting the vehicle and its upgrades up one tech level, making Gremlins a tech level 2 vehicles with the first upgrade available at tech 3 and the final upgrade at tech 4.

    Yeah i guess thats okay. If u get rushed by them just make infantry. Easy fix.

    We are still adjusting final numbers on these changes and investigating other changes so we want feedback on these changes and other suggestions for other changes or bugs that need fixing. 

      Overall not bad.


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